Energy Optimisation

JGC-UK is the leading energy optimisation consultancy for the oil and gas industry, and meets the pre-qualification requirements of leading operating companies. JGC’s wealth of energy optimisation experience ranges from natural gas processing plants to refineries and petrochemical facilities. We have completed over 50 optimisation studies in the last 25 years.

Energy optimisation, in its most basic form, is pinch analysis but JGC’s scope extends beyond this to include total site wide analysis to ensure the whole facility is taken into account. Services offered by JGC typically include:
  • Energy Screening
  • Pinch analysis to include composite and grand composite curves
  • DTmin Targeting
  • Heat Exchanger Network (HEN) modelling
  • Total site wide analysis
  • Driver selection studies
  • Cogen optimisation
  • Application of new energy technologies

JGC differs from other consultancies in the fact that it has access to the latest cost, economic and vendor data through our parent company, JGC Yokohama, thereby increasing the accuracy and validity of our work. This, combined with our extensive experience and knowledge in the industry, enables us to provide solutions and optimisation opportunities that work on a practical level.

Please contact us with your requirements as we are ready to support you in your energy improvement programs.